Give a favor, Get a favor.

AFAVOR Help that allows users to both post tasks that they need help completing, and seek tasks to complete to earn money.


Post a task

Post any task you need from daily chores to online services. Give us the description, location, and budget of the task. We'll find the best helper for you.


Choose the right helper

For the offline task, browse a list of helpers from your community and take a look at their rating and review. For the online task, select the right helper without any distance restrictions. AFAVOR will secure your payment until the task completes.


Get it done

Your helper arrives and gets the job done. When your task completes, AFAVOR then will release your payment to the helper. Don't forget to leave a review for the helper so everyone else can refer to your opinion.



Post tasks

Getting anything done today, post up whatever you need done. You choose the offer that’s best for you. We securely the payment, always make payment upfront and keep it secure until the task is done. And getting constant updates on task progress for massage privately.


Become helper today

Put your skills to use and help meet deadlines. Create dreams and start saving for your next vacation or anything you need.




Move Queen size mattress πŸš—

β€œExcellent communication and so efficient. Brett was professional and very punctual. Did a great job and would highly recommend. Thanks Brett!”


β€” Brett.

Remove cardboard boxesπŸ”¨

β€œFan was very helpful. 
Went above and beyond for us!”


β€” Sarah W.

Deliver boxes to storageπŸ“¦

β€œVery reliable! Was early and had a massive truck for a great price! A++ got my stuff securely to the destination! Thank you”


β€” J.Y.